quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2012

Unholy Vault Designs é agora Free To Use-FTU!

Detalhes em seu Blog:

"This note is for all of you who have recently asked me about tubing my artwork or using it in tags, comments, etc. You're free to use all PSP tubes that were released in the previous years through My PSP Tubes or PSP Tubes Emporium. About other artwork from my deviantArt gallery: I don't mind if you share the artworks on your personal site, blog, etc. in their original form, with the watermark and proper credit. I also won't chase you across the web to find or report a misuse of my work, I simply don't have time for that. BUT if you use a piece made from photographs with real models, you may either hear from them or from the photographers, who may report you for copyright violation or take legal actions. Be aware that my agreement with models and photographers is only for the kind of artwork I have in my portfolio and galleries. If this happens, don't email me for help. I don't have time to sort such things out and you'll be dealing with this alone.
Other copyright information can be found here.
If you still have my tubes purchased through PTE, feel free to change the colors, add elements, glitter or animation."

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